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Our Guarantee

Affordable Paving & Sealcoating LLC - Guarantee

This certificate confirms that the  paving & sealcoating services provided by Affordable Paving & Sealcoating LLC are guaranteed against defects resulting from workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of installation, as noted on [Date of Installation].

Guarantee Terms

  1. Should any section of the paved or seal coated area exhibit defects directly attributable to our workmanship within the guarantee period, Affordable Paving & Sealcoating LLC. commits to repairing or replacing the specific section in question at no additional cost to the client.
  1. This guarantee covers defects directly resulting from the workmanship of Affordable Paving & Sealcoating LLC. Defects or damages caused by the following are explicitly excluded from this guarantee.

* Accidents or intentional damage to the surface.

* Natural disasters including but not limited to windstorms and earthquakes.

* Vandalism.

* Exposure to overweight vehicles exceeding the recommended weight limits.

* Any external factor not directly related to the workmanship of Affordable Paving & Sealcoating LLC.

  1. The decision to repair or replace the affected area will be at the sole discretion of Affordable Paving & Sealcoating LLC. ensuring the best possible remedy for the situation.

4. This guarantee is non-transferable and is valid only for the original purchaser of the service. Any alterations, modifications, or repairs made by parties other than Affordable Paving & Sealcoating LLC. will void this guarantee

For any concerns or to initiate a claim under this guarantee, please contact our customer service department at Our team is dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction with our services.

Thank you for choosing Affordable Paving & Sealcoating LLC We value your business and strive to provide quality services that stand the test of time.


Osvaldo (OZ) Rodriguez

Chief Executive Officer Affordable Paving & Sealcoating LLC.